We know how marketing is essential to all the sectors and its importance is inexplicable. The only obstacle is to create a marketing strategy that works wonders and brings in more referrals and leads. Be it any business model, you need to strategize your marketing plan to reap in all the benefits it can offer.

Healthcare Marketing Agency


But the question is to why Healthcare Brands should also market themselves? We will tell you why and how powerful is its impact will be in near future. Healthcare Industry is dynamic and is now build on value-based care instead of volume-based care. Healthcare brands support this transition to value-based care by providing useful information to its users, engaging the right audience and inspiring to build long-lasting relationships.


Benefits of Healthcare Marketing:


  • It creates a stream of steady patient referrals that you can rely on.
  • It builds qualified leads and generates much revenue with healthy margins.
  • Helps in keeping patients engaged with relevant, tailored and timely outreach throughout their journeys.
  • Assists in retaining patients for a long time and builds their trust through active interaction.
  • It gives a competitive edge to brands in a hypercompetitive market.
  • Helps to connect with customers across multiple social platforms.
  • It evaluates productivity and helps to monitor marketing activities using data analytics.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to build a strategy which would yield you more patient referrals while generating higher health outcomes.


  • Setting Up Of Objectives And Goals:

It’s significant for any organization to have predetermined objectives and goals chalked out. A clear goal with a deadline is a necessity to keep a clean track of your targets. In the case of healthcare, organizational goals can be for example a 20% increase in referral business over the next 10 weeks.

  • Wait For The Right Timing:

Once a client takes your service, give them a considerable about of time to experience your service or product before asking for a referral. You should only ask for a referral only if your client is already happy with your service.

  • Consider The Best 20:

Not all of your patients or clients are going to be referral candidates. Choose the top 20% out of them that are rapturous about your business and ask them for referrals. Apparently, it is because asking every other client for referrals would give a bad impression.

  • Giving Out:

When you give willingly to someone, they are always more than happy to provide a favor to you in return. Give your patients/clients extra services such as brochures, pens or notepads with your office details printed on it and business cards and follow up support before asking for a referral.

  • Nature Of Customer:

You need to present a clear picture of your service and the kind of benefits they can get from it. Evidently, not all the services would be best suited for the prospective client. Informing your referral clients before can be beneficial.

  • Incentive Program:

Provide incentives to your referring clients on a regular basis. If supposedly a customer provided you with 4 referrals, you should offer them something special such as discounts or offers.

  • Analyze The End Results And Draw A Conclusion:

After the end of your deadline i.e. 3 months, analyze the data and interpret what worked for you and what didn’t work at all.  This end result will guide you in determining future goals. You need to stay in touch with the marketing dynamics in order to fetch new referrals.

  • Saying Thank You:

Little extra efforts go a long way. Business experts say that in order to build referrals, you need to establish trust factor first. So create a thank you letter that you can personalize and send it to each patient or the doctor that referred them.

  • Communicate And Encourage Your Staff:

When its all said and done, it is important to communicate and share your achievements with your staff to motivate them to continue their good work. Your employees are an integral part of the organization and should be acknowledged for their efforts. They are the ones who are in direct contact with the patients/clients thereby assisting in the retention process.


Long story short, for any organization to be successful these steps are imperative. When we start a venture, we need to determine a goal and direct every effort for its achievement. Try and test several methods and select the one which suits you best. Using various metrics, you can easily analyze and monitor your performance. Draw a conclusion, if you find any deviation correct them accordingly. Communication is the ultimate key when it comes to a successful organization. Communicate and share your success with the people you work with and appreciate them for the efforts they put in.

Strategies might change according to the dynamics of the society and the market but the blueprint remains the same.

We’d like to be a part of your success as well. At MedyHype, we help in building a significant brand thereby engaging the target audience and inspire to build enduring relationships. Contact us today for more information and let us know: What’s your best Healthcare Marketing Referral idea?






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